[ROVERNET - UK] Mixture problems-resolved, sort of...

David Read defender110 at ozemail.com.au
Sat Oct 20 23:24:53 BST 2007

Hi Stephen/Larry
My $0.02 worth ... <g>.

The Kettering ignition system relies heavily on the maximum possible 
energy storage buildup in the coil (dwell) and then breaking the current 
flow in the shortest possible time to generate the maximum spark.

Electronics should break the flow far faster than the points.
If points give a "fatter" spark than the electronics, this suggests
to me two possibilities ....
1. The electronics is not allowing current to flow long
enough (dwell) or
2. Is not breaking the current fast enough.

South Oz

Larry wrote:
> Steven, I too am having a tough time with tuning my TC. I have a 
> Petronix unit in  place and I would be interested in what they say when 
> you call them. Regards, Larry
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> Hi All,
> Thank you for all your responses. I have tried a number of solutions and 
> the results are:
> New flame thrower coil with points give the best idle and performance. 
> This must be the first case of Lucas products beating modern 
> electronics. I will call petronix to discuss later on. When left to idle 
> plugs would soot up from incomplete combustion after about 90 secs.
> The spark at idle with the petronix unit in place was yellow and quite 
> weak (0.030" gap on plugs as per instructions).
> With the points in place it was much stronger and would jump a much 
> bigger gap. Engine idled for 5 minutes with out a change in idle speed 
> or smoothness.


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