[ROVERNET - UK] Who is Netspace?

Glen Wilson rovercar at comcast.net
Sun Oct 21 03:35:47 BST 2007

Glen Wilson wrote:
> Netspace wrote:
>> Or 3. The current is inadequate due to high resistance.
> I've kind of lost the thread of who is whom, here...
> Netspace generally doesn't sign his posts, and I just wondered if he 
> is someone I've known for years or someone with a secret identity. 
> Maybe there's a place in your email software where you could type in 
> "John Smith" or "Eric Russell" or maybe something more amusing than 
> just Netscape.
> Glen

Checking past postings more closely, I see that Netspace is, in reality, 
PVS who has been around forever, but my failing faculties need a full 
refresh of the identity. Paul. Paul? Paul Van Something. Paul Von 
Something? Wish I could remember...

If I was going to adopt a pseudonym, especially being from Down Under, I 
think I might pick "Dick Darlington" or possibly "Zat French Beech 
Gizelle" would be good in a pinch.

See you all down at Susan's!



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