[ROVERNET - UK] Mixture problems-resolved, sort of...

David Read defender110 at ozemail.com.au
Sun Oct 21 22:23:17 BST 2007

At higher rpm's there is less time for the energy to build up between 
firings, so a high resistance (in the ignition circuit) would be a 
greater problem at high speed not better.

I missed the bit about changing the coil, sorry.

I would have to go for the lower voltage at idle, but even a dynamo in 
good condition should produce a maximum voltage difference between idle 
and full speed between 12 to 13.8 volts.

The Kettering ignition should not be a huge burden for any electrical 
system (approx 2 amps max. during dwell).
The PerTronics setup seems to be merely a Hall effect type of points 
replacement with roughly the same current characteristic as points. It 
just switches much faster, producing a fatter spark.

I did come across a mention of installation glitches in s Bosch dizzy.
Not sure if it may be relevant here ...

South Oz

Steven Dibdin wrote:
> "Or 3. The current is inadequate due to high resistance."
> Hi PVS,
> No.3 gets my vote. it runs well at higher RPMs but had a weak spark at idle. Suggests that the dynamo produced insufficiant juice at idle. Running nicely back on the points with the higher output coil. 
> I'll call Petronix next week if I get five minutes and let you know what they think.
> Take care,
> StevenD

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