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Hello Denis,

It has a different purpose.  It allows air trapped at the top of the water
jacket in the inlet manifold to escape into the top of the radiator.  A
consequence of this is that a small amount of water constantly flows through
the hose back to the radiator.  The blockage caused by corrosion deposits
can eventually block the hole and so air can become trapped.


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(sorry for my english)
Can you give your advice on my question?
You can see on  pics of V8 engines
a hose between front radiator and the cente of the inlet manifold.
I had cleaned the inside of this pipe on my car: you have one enter,without
outflow and no communication .(usualy full of chalky mud)
Is the function of this space the same of the separate expansion chamber (
used on SD1 V8 ).
Another question : is it better to fit a separate expansion chamber?

    merci pour vos réponses
    félicitations pour cette t belle restoration, Lance


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