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I recently rebuilt my '70 3500S with an SD1 block.  I agree with Aidrian, 
it's probably just an adjustment of the downshift cable.  I'm able to motor 
down the highway at 55 mph, stomp on the gas and give myself a nice whiplash 
as the car jumps forward.  I found in adjusting the downshift cable that, 
without the appropriate Rover adjustment tool (I think it's a pressure 
related device), that you can still make fine adjustments.  It's just a 
trial and error thing.  Even small turns of the threaded adjustor can make a 
significant difference.

Hope that helps,

Lance La Certe, Denver, CO

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> The kickdown to the transmission proabaly needs to be adjusted. It's
> connected to the the throttle linkage by a cable which pulls on cam
> inside the transmission.
> If you refiited the SUs to the SD1 engine then it should be a simple
> job, but if you have also moved the EFi system from the SD1 then the
> linkages will be ina different place and may require the cable to be
> reattached or replaced with one of a different lenght
> Aidrian
> > Now, the car no longer has a passing gear; i.e., it is no longer
> > possible to tromp down hard on the accelerator while going 55 mph, for
> > example, and make the car leap ahead.
> >
> > What has happened to cause the loss of the passing gear?
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