[ROVERNET - UK] Rear calipers ---stuck!!!!!

LANCE G LACERTE, LANCE G LA CERTE lacpsyd6 at msn.com
Thu Oct 25 05:13:47 BST 2007

After just about killing myself dropping the differential out for a rebuild 
('70 3500S), I have been unable to loosen the hinge pin assemblies to remove 
the rear calipers from the differential.  The large nuts/caps are frozen (at 
the other end, the smaller caps came out easily).  I've just about stripped 
the heads, even with a tight spanner, trying to get them free.  I know the 
dam things are threaded from the 'exploded' diagram in my parts and repair 
manuals.  Any chance these things are reverse threaded.

Any help would be appreciated.

Lance La Certe, Denver, CO 

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