[ROVERNET - UK] Mechanical Aptitude Test

David Bass david.bass4 at ntlworld.com
Sat Oct 27 23:41:29 BST 2007

Haven't posted here for quite a while, but couldn't avoid boasting on 
this one.

I guessed the one with 5 pulleys, because I guess I don't actually 
understand them, but ended up with 100%. I am a mechanical God ;)


Glen Wilson wrote:
> This was shared on the BMC1100 list:
> http://www.forddoctorsdts.com/quizzes/MechanicalAptitude.php 
> <http://www.forddoctorsdts.com/quizzes/MechanicalAptitude.php>
> I got an 88%. A couple of them, I goofed. A couple, I had no clue. 
> One, I still barely understand. And one, was ambiguous (two answers 
> might have been correct).
> Glen

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