[ROVERNET - UK] P6 2200 TC / # 49200001

Jane Gould janeyg at ukonline.co.uk
Wed Oct 31 18:55:32 GMT 2007

Hello Rover netters

I have in my Workshop Rover P6b chassis no 006 ( can't remember the rest of 
the numbers !) ,,, apparently it was first owned by Lord Stokes ( the then 
chairman of the Rover empire),,, sadly I have no registration papers for it 
, and I don't know what it's registration number is .

It has had considerable welding done to it ,( and it still needs an awful 
lot more), and unfortunately I have been unable to track down the owner of 
it for the last 3 years ---his name is Peter Rogers ,, he used to live in 
Milton Keynes  (England) ,,,I have even been to his address , but he has 
moved ,, can anybody out there tell me where he is ???----Is he still alive 
???( He had serious medical problems the last time I spoke to him)

I know that I can probably take "title" to it now , but I don't want to, 
because , as far as I am concerned, it belongs to Peter , however I need the 
space , and being te first P6b to leave the factory as a fully road legal 
car I don't want to scrap it !!!

Can anybody help me track Peter down ??
Or find a registration number for it ???

Any help would be most appreciated !!!!


Kingsdown Garage
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> Unfortunately a little piece of P6 history is stored in Hong Kong 
> (uncertain future).
> The owner of chassis number 49200001 (photo see my website 
> http://www.roverp6.info/Fotos/2200/Fotos2200.htm) has left Hong Kong - and 
> his Rover. Another gentleman in Hong Kong took charge of the P6, she is 
> stored at his house now... but "I am afraid that there is very little 
> demand for such a car in Hong Kong and I am currently restoring 4 other 
> cars at a considerable cost!!..."
> So I fear that 49200001 will end as many other "colleagues" ---> 
> scrapyard
> Rudiger
> www.RoverP6.info
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