Slatskars slatskars at comcast.net
Sun Sep 2 04:41:59 BST 2007

Hi all,

Went to the Portland, OR ABFM today. Had a great turnout, over 650 entries. 
There were two Rover's there. A 1959 P-4 90 and Reed Elwyn's 1968 2000 TC. 
Reed took a first place in Unique Marques of the 60's. Those of you that 
have seen this car know that it would be a winner in any class. This is the 
cleanest original 1968 of any marquee that I have ever seen. I would buy it 
in a minute - are you listening Reed?

By the way, I took a second place in the MGB 68 to 74 class (later chrome 
bumper) with my 74 MGB. This car is almost done. A few more tweaks and it 
will be there.

While there, I met a new gentleman, Jim Tanzer, who has recently purchased a 
1959 P-5 with Auto. It was serial number 00002. I saw a photo of the ID 
plate. It was like a 63000002 to the best of my memory. Unfortunately he is 
not on the internet. I strongly advised him to get a computer or have a 
friend monitor for him. I will be giving him some information on Rovernet 
and Ruth's phone number to get him started correctly. He needs a few bits 
now, but as we all know he needs to connect with this great group to more 
fully appreciate and enjoy his new toy.


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