[ROVERNET - UK] SD1 Lock System

Michael Pellow mp349 at xtra.co.nz
Mon Sep 3 06:43:55 BST 2007

Hi a major problem with all the electrics on SD1's is that they used low 
grade AMP connectors.these corrode and stop windows ,interior  lights 
,door switches etc from working.
The first action before stripping anything in SD1's is to separate all 
the plugs in the wiring loom clean the terminals  with WD40 or CRC 
contact cleaner .then fill the socket with light grease or Vaseline to 
reduce any further corrosion when connected .This has saved me many 
hours of hunting for other causes for electrical problems.
Yes the capacitors charge up to give a single high current pulse through 
   the solenoids to operate the locks.The current required would cook 
the coils if on for any length of time
Michael Pellow
2 SD1' in fleet

vic muscat wrote:
> After 9 years of non use, the locks on my remaining
> SD1 are somewhat erratic (to say the least).
> Could someone please tell me the function of the two 
> capacitors?
> Years ago I got the impression that the charge stored
> in them actuated the locks. Now I'm wondering if their
> function is to keep voltage spikes out of the vehicle
> ground.
> I'd appreciate your insight!
> Thanks, Vic

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