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As I've now collected the RHD NADA car, along with the fire extinguisher
that was on eBay, I'm in a better position to comment on it all.

OXC140H/ROV1 was the personal car of Sir George Farmer and the original 1969
ownership papers show that ROV1 was owned by Rover Meteor Works before being
sold on in late 1971 to a lady from Bath. I have a large collection of MoT
certificates going from the early 70's until 1990, and even some tax discs.

The car is currently sitting on the driveway, covered with a waterproof car
cover, and will remain there until I moved in a couple of months time. There
is severe corrosion in the chassis and until I strip the panels off, I won't
know if it's even worth saving or going for a replacement base unit from a
NADA car.

Every time I look at it, or start it up, shivers run up and down my spine.
The guy I bought it from is a master technician for Bentley and despite the
car not running since 1991, it took him only a day and a half to get it
running again. It's a little lumpy due to some old fuel residue, but sounds
a million times better than my '74 P6B. But then again, it only has 30,160
miles on the clock from new.. The car was converted by Rover's engineering
works, so is a RHD NADA with electric windows (two still working!), air
conditioning and everything else that the NADA cars had, with the exception
of the under bumper indicators. It has rear fog lights, but unsure if
they're original. It also has front teardrop headrests and one ET-style on
the passenger side, along with original rear headrests. The seats are in
good condition, which is amazing considering that both passenger doors have
rusted away from the frames. The boot kit is all in place, along with the
bonnet scoops, door bins, icelert etc. 

It really is an amazing car, and I want to keep it as original as possible,
replacing only the minimums to get it back on the road.

As for the fire extinguisher - it is an original, for this car. It was
screwed inside the drivers' door right next to the seat and through the
step. One other thing that it has is a grab handle which is screwed through
the wooden trim on the back drivers' side door, so that the door can be
pulled shut a little easier. Something that will make it easier for the
chairman to close the door without stretching too far.

Hopefully I'll be able to do a few bits on it while finishing my Series 1
Estate, and then get it on the road properly..


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Can't see how this could fit in anywhere except under
my seat.  In fact, I do have a small extinguisher
under my driver's seat.  It's fully working and cost
10% of the eBay advertised price.


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