[ROVERNET - UK] Inertia Reel Seatbelts for Early P6

Anders Hedelund anders at xoz.dk
Sat Sep 8 16:51:23 BST 2007

Obviously the reels will have to be fixed to the sills behind the most 
rearward seat position.

One can dream of welding some plate with threaded hole to it, but a 
bolt-through solution will obviously be more solid.

This can de done without welding:

I found two 10mm bolts and weld nuts - winged ones similar to these 
http://www.on-b.com/nuts/wt.htm .

Drill hole in sill from inside. Unscrew the outside sill panels. There 
will be some vent holes. Unplug rubber from hole nearest to newly 
drilled inside hole.

Drill a hole in one of the weld nut wings. Take a piece of weld wire and 
bend an eye in one end to let the weld nut hang loose. Offer the nut in 
through the sill from the outside and grip it with the bolt from inside. 
This is the most/only fiddly step. Screw tightly

Drink a beer, no more challenges, the rest is straightforward.

Now from the inside drill a hole for a pop nut through sill and the 
other weld nut wing. Fix with pop nut.

Unscrew 10 mm bolt and fix again with seat belt reel. Fix rest of seat 
belt in the usual positions.

Plug sill and refit outside sill panel.

Do the same for the other side.



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