[ROVERNET - UK] Re: rovernet Digest, Vol 58, Issue 17

Kent Kinard kkinard at wcc.net
Sun Sep 16 21:36:31 BST 2007

Laine Colley wrote:

>3) To the one who made the 'underpowered' comment: some people
>take pride in NOT overcompensating with our toys! ;)
You Go Girl!

But according to James Taylor, Spencer Wilks said from behind the wheel 
of the very first Buick powered P6, "William (Martin-Hurst), what have 
we here?  This is the very first Rover I have ever driven that wasn't 
underpowered."  That would include all P1,P3,P4, P5, and P6 up until 
1966. Possibly, but not necessarily, excluding the 2000TC.  One can also 
suppose that William Martin-Hurst was sitting in the passenger seat with 
a very broad (graphic description deleted) grin on his face.  Very 
un-British, but as you pointed out, boys will be boys.  Thank goodness 
for the good sense, practicality and elegance provided by the better gender.

Kent K.

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