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Well, having owned a 100, and owning an SC, TC, 6B I can say:
The 100 was ok.  I'd have liked a 110.
The SC lacks.
The TC lacks a bit; hence why Rover tried a 2500 5 cylinder motor.  They 
couldn't fit a 6 in, which is a real pity.
The B is cruisey, just lopes along.
I still say an 80 is a 100 in disguise... just waiting for a transplant...
Oh, and Alan Tester ( a Rover stalwart who owned pretty much every model in 
his lifetime) once said:
"The best thing you can do with a Solex carburettor is throw it in the bin."


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> Laine Colley wrote:
>>3) To the one who made the 'underpowered' comment: some people
>>take pride in NOT overcompensating with our toys! ;)
> You Go Girl!
> But according to James Taylor, Spencer Wilks said from behind the wheel of 
> the very first Buick powered P6, "William (Martin-Hurst), what have we 
> here?  This is the very first Rover I have ever driven that wasn't 
> underpowered."  That would include all P1,P3,P4, P5, and P6 up until 1966. 
> Possibly, but not necessarily, excluding the 2000TC.  One can also suppose 
> that William Martin-Hurst was sitting in the passenger seat with a very 
> broad (graphic description deleted) grin on his face.  Very un-British, 
> but as you pointed out, boys will be boys.  Thank goodness for the good 
> sense, practicality and elegance provided by the better gender.
> Roverocketlauchedly,
> Kent K.
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