[ROVERNET - UK] Bad news, Good news, Bad news

Kent Kinard kkinard at wcc.net
Mon Sep 17 04:09:43 BST 2007

Outstanding.  Congratulations.  An impressive Rover victory for all.

Yes, it was worth it.

Kent K.

Dirk Burrowes wrote:

>Hello ALL,
>First the Bad news I was pretty excited to receive my P5b Coupe 4 weeks or
>so back but upon inspection found that the car was not what I had hoped for.
>The previous owner had not been completely honest and the car was not
>original paint and was not rust free. 
>Oh well live and learn
>I had already entered the Concours de Elegance held at the British Invasion
>in Stowe Vermont and considered dropping out but decided that I was going to
>get the car straight before the show. So with in days of receiving the car
>it went off to my body shop. Over the next 2 and half weeks the car was
>striped body work repaired painted all stainless reworked and most of the
>Chrome replaced (Lucky I already had a set redone) So this past Thursday and
>Friday My son Curtis and I along with 2 guys from my body shop worked 15
>hours a day to get her back together. Finally at 11:30 PM this past Friday
>night we set out for the 4 hour drive to Stowe Vermont for the show the
>following morning.
>It was miserable day of Rain and Mud and even though we had entered my
>wife's Bugeye we choose only to bring in the Coupe and the 3500S in.
>It was so bad even awards were suspended until the next day Sunday.
>Now the Good news!
>Even with out my nagging The Invasion opened up a Rover Saloon class for the
>people's choice and a total of four Rovers entered. A really nice TC 2000 of
>Earl Moffet's and his Mark 3 P5. A SD1 in outstanding condition and our
>3500S my son Curtis entered. Earl took first place with his P5 saloon and
>the SD1 took second place.
>Great conversations took place and everyone has agreed to coordinate more
>Rover participation in the coming months and next year.
>Sunday came and it was beautiful day the kind of day that it should have
>been the day before. We got there and decided just to go and listen to the
>awards without bringing in the cars. We got in and the guy next to us during
>the show gave us such a hard time that we had not brought the car in we went
>back out and brought in the Coupe.
>Well I would have never guessed that among all the beautiful cars in the
>Concours event that that the Coupe would win its class and come in first. I
>was hoping for a third place. So a Rover got it's due and in the states no
>less! TWO P5s a Saloon and a Coupe took first place in the same show!!!
>Later the P5b came through again on the way home I was trailering it and my
>son was driving the 3500S when we got about 2 miles from the show grounds
>the P6 died we attempted a fix but for whatever reason it would barely run
>with out the pedal pushed to the floor we decided after a bit Curtis would
>have to drive the P5B home (Maybe he planed this I think he knows more then
>he is letting on) But she drove home like a champ.
>We are all tired and wondering if this was all worth it all but decided that
>first place was worth it although my wife is reserving her comments for
>Hope all are well and planning to get out to a show with your Rover

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