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If you have a local flying club you can get a pump from them directly...the 
pump fits many of the older two seaters...piper cub is one that I recal. 
Their prices are usually much less than regular parts suppliers if the 
regular suppliers can even get one for you.
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> I removed the fuel pump on my 3500S and have a question concerning its 
> internal setup if anyone has taken one of these apart before. The screen 
> was a little dirty but not too bad, so I figure I am left with three 
> possible causes at this point:
> - Fuel pump doesn't work efficiently (I know it runs)
> - fuel lines are clogged between the tank and pump
> - the pickups in the tank are clogged
> I don't have any way of measuring the pressure output of the pump so all I 
> can do is look at is. When you take it apart there are two reddish brown 
> valves on the solenoid piston assembly. The one on top is spring loaded 
> and allows fuel into the cylinder as the solenoid withdraws. There is a 
> second valve at the top of the piston itself that I assume would do the 
> opposite. Mine is just kind of lying in there and is not spring loaded. 
> The only thing that would close it would be momentum or back pressure from 
> the fuel on the other side. Seems wrong to me but I can't seem to take the 
> piston apart anymore to look at it. Has anyone played with these before? 
> Should that second valve be spring loaded?
> Also can anyone recommend a replacement fuel pump that is available from a 
> regular auto parts store?
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