[ROVERNET - UK] BW 35 shifts like a tr8uck

Brooks restore at nbnet.nb.ca
Sat Sep 22 11:28:15 BST 2007

My BW35 does NOT clunk...it is a firm shift not mushy like most modern cars 
but definatly no clunks while shifting or going into gear.

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> Lance
> I'm not sure how clunky your clunks really are, but the BW35 was
> always a bit of primitive pice of ironmongery. It never shifted like
> any contemporary GM box did and there's no comparison with a modern
> tranny
> The clunk on the downshift into 1st was always there  - I have been
> told that it's possible to fine tune it so it almost disappears but
> never completely. I've alway accepted a slight clunk on the 2:1 shift
> as one of the idiosyncracies of the car rather than chasing cable
> adjustments backwards and forwards
> Assuming you have your idle set correctly, clunks on engaging gear
> could be  due to a poorly adjusted kickdown cable - this could also be
> a possible cause of rough upshifting when in D.
> Do you have the proper kickdown cable for the gearbox you have? IIRC
> there were a couple of diifferent lengths used over the years
> What speeds do you register when the boxshifts under different
> accelerator postisions?
> What happens when you shift 1 2 3 and back manually? Do you get a
> response stright away or is there a delay?
> If you're sure of the cable and linkage adjustment then it sounds like
> an internal problem with the box - the bands might need adjusting
> Aidrian
>>  It clunks particularly hard when
>> I'm putting it into reverse.  When in drive, it shifts 'hard' and what 
>> I've
>> noticed is that if I accelerate smoothly and keep the revs below about 
>> 2000,
>> then take my foot of the gas, I can get it to go into 2nd and 3rd very
>> smoothly, but even coming to a stop as it is down shifting, it still 
>> clunks.>
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