[ROVERNET - UK] Front and rear windscreen

Kent Kinard kentkinard at verizon.net
Tue Apr 1 03:18:27 BST 2008

Hi David,
That has been a long standing question without an adequate answer.  
Proper restoration of a Rostyle wheel requires that the rivets be 
drilled out and the rim separated from the center, at which point both 
pieces can be stripped and replated and then reassembled with the center 
properly positioned in the rim...  It would seem possible.  I think it 
is done by some hot rodders, but I don't know of anyone who could or 
would do it.  I, too, would love to know "who" and "how much."  Good 
Rostyles can still be had, but the are becoming rarer.
Magnum 500 wheels, almost identical to 14" Rostyles, though of welded 
construction, can still be had new.  Unfortunately, you will need a set 
of matching hubs to mount them to a P6.  Magnum 500 style wheels made 
from aluminium billets can be had in a variety of rim sizes and widths 
(15"x 6" being the smallest) and can be ordered with the 5x5" bolt 
patern.  They just aren't close enough for the purist.  And they are 
about $400 each...

Kent K.

David Walker wrote:
> Who is the best person to restore Rostyles & what does it cost?
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