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Tue Apr 1 04:13:48 BST 2008

--- Reverend Weasel <rweasel at gmail.com> wrote:

> Actually, somewhere I have a letter proving that
> very thing happened,
> the numbers were switched on 2 cars.  BL basically
> said ignore the
> plate, the VIN is what we say it is.
Wow, I go away for a few days and all heck breaks out!

I worked in a dealership many-many years. One time a
new car came in and one of the techs went to do it's
PDI (pre-delivery inspection) when he brought all of
us over to this new car. Seems all but one of the
wheel assemblies had 5 studded hubs, while one of the
front wheels had a 4 studded hub! So someone at the
factory had to have installed an entire strut/hub
assembly from a 4 cylinder car and fitted it to a 6
cylinder car. We had to notify the local service rep
when we ordered and entire assembly to replace it. It
was very funny.

Not to take any sides, but accidents do happen to new
cars from time to time and possibly salesmen take cars
out as demos or even as a perk for higher ups and say
they rear end someone. The dealership insurance would
cover the cost and the car is repaired at the
dealership bodyshop, where it could possibly get a new
bumper and fenders for a similar model albeit not the
correct model. Say this car sits on the lot for a year
and then sold at a low price to get it off the lot.
Not taking any sides here, "just saying......"
anything is possible.

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  Buell Ulysses
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