[ROVERNET - UK] Rostyles restoration

James Dean jaguru at bellsouth.net
Tue Apr 1 18:07:55 BST 2008

P6B 15 Inch Rostyle hubcaps will fit Magstars.Perhaps wadhams or someone 
preproduces them.......
    Also an inquiry. I need some 3500S electric window frames and parts . I 
also need some 3500S bonnet scoops. Does anything have anything available? 
James Dean, Ft. Lauderdale.  jaguru at bellsouth.net  Phone cell 954 524 7278, 
or toll free 1 877 524 8787
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>I think Specialty Wheels used to restore wheels, but now it looks like they 
>may only manufacture new wheels (Magnum 500s and Magstars, etc.  for Ford, 
>Buick, Chevy).  http://www.specialtywheelsltd.org/index.html
> This is the first time I have looked at their site in years, and I see 
> that they show new center caps for Shelby Magstar wheels -- these should 
> be the same as the P6 Magstar caps.  They also show two types of Shelby 
> lug nuts which are the the Magstar type -- too bad they would have the 
> wrong thread.  The lug nuts labeled "65 Ford" and "Mercury" look like they 
> could be the same as the P6 lugs for Magnum 500 wheels, though I don't 
> know what size the Ford thread would be.
> I think the way they restored wheels was to separate the center from the 
> rim, re-plate them separately and then reassemble.
> --Steve Manwell
> P.S.   Before the debate starts again:  No, Rostyles are not the same as 
> Magnum 500s.
> David Sheuring wrote:
>>  Hi David,
>> That is a great question as I have wondered myself. Here are some 
>> thoughts:
>> 1. I would talk to someone who rechromes wheels. 2. See if they have one 
>> already done so you can see
>> how there work is.
>> 3. Ask around your local car clubs about where they
>> have there rechroming done.
>> 4. I know that Johnson City, TN has a wonderful
>> rechroming place. There is one about 30 miles from me
>> in Fayetteville, NC. I have some of there work and
>> they do good work however, I have seen a couple of bad
>> pieces.
>> Well, thats all I got from raining Lillington, NC
>> Cheers
>> David
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