[ROVERNET - UK] sd1 borg-warner 65 torque converter question

doug gruber dgruber at i2k.com
Tue Apr 1 22:02:43 BST 2008

I need to know if it is possible to bench test a removed torque 
converter from a borg warner 65 trans?  My son ran a stall test 
following the instructions in his manual and it indicated a possible 
stator slip problem.

Here is the history of his project.  He is a 15 year old with some 
wrenching experience.  His uncle gave him an SD1 with an additional 
low-mileage engine.  His task was to pull the original engine and 
replace it with the lower mileage engine.  He did the swap, bolted the 
flywheel and torque converter to the newer engine, but the flywheel 
plate bolt heads did not clear the lower portion of the block.  He and I 
have verified that the newer block does have two recessed sections that 
are 1/8" thicker than the older block and therefore extend toward the 
bellhousing and get in the way of the bolt heads trying to pass that area.

Rather than file away this small amount of the extending surface, he 
followed someone's advice and placed the flywheel's reinforcement plate 
on the opposite side of the flywheel.  This plate, mating with the 
existing spacer, put the flywheel 1/8" toward the transmission and 
allowed the bolt heads to clear the offending surface.
He put everything back together, he started and then tuned the engine, 
but when he took it out for a test drive the transmission did not 
accelerate the car properly. This lead to the stall test and the idea 
about the stator problem.  Could the stator have been damaged by the 
flywheel and torque converter being placed this 1/8" closer to the 
transmission and possibly causing too much pressure?

By the way, the transmission worked properly with the other engine 
before the swap was performed, and my son and his 17 year old SD1 owning 
older brother both say that there is nothing wrong with newer engine.

Also, we are in the market for a bw 65 trans and torque converter.


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