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Fritz Rauschenberg wfritz at mindspring.com
Tue Apr 1 22:29:54 BST 2008

Holy Crap may be correct. We are not helping our cause by stating that the
car would be worth only $1500 over here. I think I remember that a  2000TC
sold at auction in the N.E. a year and a half or so ago for right at
$12,000. Let's talk higher numbers. My 69 2000TC FED A/C has over $13000
invested and I'll be horn-swaggled(where did that come from) if I'd let
mine go for such a paltry sum (3750 pounds= approx $7500). Think higher
chaps ! you can always come down but you can't go up! :-)

Fritz Rauschenberg
wfritz at mindspring.com
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> Holy crap, look at the price they are asking for that car.  UK listers,
would it really sell for something close to 3,750 pounds on that side of
the pond?  If so, my buddy and I really need to get going with the export
business we keep threatening to start.  That would be maybe a $1500 car
over here.
> Geoff
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> http://www.rover-classics.co.uk/images/forsale/1/index.htm
> Here's a car in England with California plates that not only has the 
> black vinyl sail panels but a vinyl covered roof, as well.
> This one has all of the original elements right down to the AED, the 
> parachute seat belts, correct bumpers, and the coachline along the 
> sides. But I think George Barris, King of the Customizers, did the vinyl 
> roof and screwed the new-look sail panels on it!   :-)
> The one behind it with the white sail panels and unadulterated roof is 
> the stock NADA 3500S. Options are the choices you have when you fill out 
> the order sheet at the dealer.
> Roland's story helps explain the difference between a car leaving the 
> factory with a mismatched wheel/hub/suspension and a factory option.  
> That one wasn't in the dealer brochure or the price list. But I'll bet 
> that, once the wheel cover was on, it wasn't all that obvious a flaw. 
> Bumpers or body panels from another model would probably have been 
> noticed before it got out the factory door.
> Cheers, y'all.
> Glen
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