[ROVERNET - UK] Restoration, re-shell, or clone?

Chris J Wilson chris at chris-wilson.org
Wed Apr 2 04:21:10 BST 2008


It does have the US-spec options - panels, AC and power steering. It doesn't
have the US-style floor dip switch for the high beams, but has been modified
with the US-style accelerator linkage.

I'll have to put some pictures up sometime so that it can be compared with
the standard Federal cars



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Is your RHD NADA car a 3500S like the Federal cars we got in th states?  
Door panels, bumpers and all that stuff?  Does it have power steering 
and AC? I have some recollection of there being a problem making the car 
RHD because some component was in the way.


Wilson wrote:
> I would tend to agree with the other opinions and call it a clone. As far
> I'm aware, there is only one real RHD NADA car, and that's the one
> in my garage. It has a NADA VIN and was built by Rover as a RHD car.
> For cars that have been re-shelled, I believe that it could be classed as
> restoration, depending on how much of the original car has been used. Many
> purists tend to say that re-shelling a car cannot be classed as rebuilding
> that car and therefore it is not the same one, yet many of these people
> also spend countless years replacing 90% of the metal in their restoration
> project and still class that as being the original car.
> When I restore OXC140H, the RHD NADA car, I'm going to use a replacement
> chassis. I have no choice, as it's rotten to the core. However, I will be
> using all of the original running gear, the engine and everything being
> and only showing 30,000 miles. Most of the interior will be used, but with
> new carpets, and about half of the panels are repairable. I'm not going to
> do a full restoration and bring it up to showroom class, but rather put
> car back on the road, keeping it as original as possible.
> ~Chris

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