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Wed Apr 2 16:16:40 BST 2008

I finally Googled Pot Metal Repair and came up with a couple of good hits. One is www.muggyweld and the other was Caswell.com. I bought (ordered) two .25 oz. tubes of the Caswell Pot-metal zinc metal solder. You drill out the pits, fill them with the paste, apply heat (propane torch until it flows, sand and re-plate. I found this one first, otherwise, I think that I might have purchased the muggyweld. It will fill hols and even weld broken pieces according to their claims. They do have some instructional film clips on their website. Looks promising!

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From: Anders Hedelund <anders at xoz.dk>
> My zinc blaster found out that he could actually fill up the holes with 
> spray zinc. Final result looked really nice. This was of course done 
> after original chrome had been removed and before polishing for new 
> chrome.....Anders
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