[ROVERNET - UK] Rover high speed runs

Glen Wilson rovercar at comcast.net
Fri Apr 4 08:04:32 BST 2008

 From Ian Glass:

Perhaps you might like to add this to the list!
Marauder No 5,OUG 777, a couuple of years ago did Chester - Rome (Roman 
city to Roman city) 1432 miles in 26 hours 54 minutes. Would have done 
it in under 24 hours if not messed about by the Channel tunnel creeps. 
After travelling on to Vienna via Naples, the Adriatic Coast, and Venice 
it did Vienna - London (1008 miles) in 18 hours including the ferry.
Cyclops rally car GUN 710 returned from Le Jog and did the 518 miles 
from Wick in Scotland to my house in North Wales in 7 hours dead, 
averaging 74 miles per hour.
There are other statistics, such using my 06 CDTi 75 to do 13 countries, 
4500 miles, in 12 days. Counting the start in Wales they are England, 
Holland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Czechoslovakia, 
Poland, Switzerland, France, Belgium. I have a photograph of the speedo 
holding just under 130 on a German autobahn.
P2s were seriously rallied pre-war, and P4s, P5s, and P6s afterwards. 
Hazel Dunham won many awards with her 90.
So never underestimate the Rover heritage, and, it's a shame the Bentley 
is remembered and the Rover not.

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