[ROVERNET - UK] People who buy Rovers

Glen Wilson rovercar at comcast.net
Sun Apr 6 22:12:27 BST 2008

ilcommodor at aol.com wrote:
> i remember precisely, because my parents wanted a rover 2000tc in fall 
> 1966, but settled for a 1967 122S volvo wagon, which cost a not 
> inconsiderable $2800, with optional, dealer-installed rear seat belts. 
> (hello? safety anyone?)  the TC, at $4200, was precisely 50% more 
> expensive.
> jamie kitman

So, there you had the option of buying a wagon and still got a great car 
for a lot less money? Why was the TC so much more expensive? Was it all 
that advanced engineering or the leather seats? Was the P6 considered to 
be that much more upmarket? They always mention the Triumph 2000 as its 
competitor. The PV544 was within an inch of the same wheelbase and 
overall length as the P6, so the 122S must have been about the same size.


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