[ROVERNET - UK] People who buy Rovers

Glen Wilson rovercar at comcast.net
Mon Apr 7 16:15:43 BST 2008

Steven Dibdin wrote:
> Hi Glen,
> A conventional DeDion system has sliding joints in both drive shafts to accomodate suspension travel. The Rover setup has the sliding joint in the tube. This was intendedto get rid of sticking of the splined joints under load because the spline can lock while under load and then release on lift off, causing a sudden change of attitude during throttle modulation in cornering.
> The Rover set up allows the track of the rear wheels to vary slightly during suspension travel. But because the sliding element isn't transmitting power to the wheels it doesn't have the locking up problem. 

That's right. I remember reading that, but isn't that also the reason 
why the P6 rear suspension is not a TRUE DeDion suspension. On a true 
DeDion, both wheels truly move independently while on the P6 suspension, 
the wheels are linked together. The sliding tube helps, but the wheels 
still affect each other.

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