[ROVERNET - UK] Re: P6 Design & Rear Suspension Function

Glen Wilson rovercar at comcast.net
Mon Apr 7 21:46:25 BST 2008

Steven Dibdin wrote:
> They were successful in selling well, (the mini eventually, it was 
> shakey for the first couple of years) but BMC/Austin lost money on 
> every car they sold! Ford actually bought a Mini to try and work out 
> how much it was costing BMC to make. They worked out (correctly as it 
> happened!) that they were selling each mini for something like 5-15 
> quid less than the cost price. 

Yes, I'd heard that one. Great story. I wonder if Ford was making money 
on all those Anglias and Prefects?  I had a 100E and loved it, but there 
was nothing to it, and mine was the Deluxe model!


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