[ROVERNET - UK] P6 Design & Rear Suspension Function

Netspace vmitps at netspace.net.au
Tue Apr 8 09:08:17 BST 2008

> Body roll has very little to do with road holding (and, btw, has
> nothing to do with a car overturning, that is dependant on lateral 
> roadholding, the track width and the car's centre of gravity), and I would 
> suggest that it was the driver lifting in the P6 that allowed you to pull 
> ahead. When the boys and I would take customers cars out for "road tests," 
> I never had trouble keeping up to a SD1 in a V8 P6. In a 4cyl P6, the SD1 
> would walk away on the straights but I could stay with him on the twisty 
> bits.

The best handling P6 I have driven is my TC which has P6B springs all round.
It needed the higher spring rate to sit well.


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