[ROVERNET - UK] Leather seats on Federal 3500S handbook info

Glen Wilson rovercar at comcast.net
Thu Apr 10 00:29:26 BST 2008

Aidrian Bridgeman-Sutton wrote:
> Since we have more than one Anorak on the list I pulled out my old handbook
> Issued August 1969
> American Specification Edition Part No 606592
> 61194
> Page 34
> "Optional Equipment"
> ...
> (e) Leather trimmed seats. Factory fitment
> ...
> Rather too tired at the moment to be bothered typing it all in but I
> will do so later in the week if any one is interested
> Aidrian

Your right, Adrian. It's in my book, as well.

The other things mentioned were the rear head rests, trailer hitch, 
grille muff, snow tires, engine block heater, floor mats and mud flaps. 
These are all listed as "dealer fitment" but I would certainly consider 
them options you would order when you bought the car.  I wonder if 
anyone has a price list or some sort of order form from a dealer?  The 
owner's manual only arrived with the car.

I had a set of the rear head rests mentioned, though I don't know if 
they came with a 3500S or a 2000. They matched the 3500S interior perfectly.

The leather seats are another matter, I think. Does anyone have a 3500S 
that was delivered with factory leather seats? Taylor and the 
contemporary magazines make a point of saying that they were not available.


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