[ROVERNET - UK] What type of carb for the V8?

David Sheuring rovertcv8 at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 10 04:41:37 BST 2008

Hi Glen,
I got the old Rochester up and running after 3 hours worth of work and some serious British like hair pulling event. Got the car running this afternoon finally. But, still trying to get the old fuel out....yuck. I cleaned out the cats....so no problems there. 
I think that I will go with the Edelbrock carb 500cfm. However, I will run this carb until next month after I clean out the gas tank. The car well, different than the P6 models. Will take some getting used too.
I do need to take the headliner out. Anyone have ideas on the removal so I can replace the fabric?

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David Sheuring wrote:
> Hi All,
> Hope evryone is doing well. I have a question for yall, what type of 4 barrel carb would you use on the V8 intake manifold?
> Right now, I am using a Rochester 4 Jet carb that is from a 63 Buick Special. However, with that said, this carb is now good
> after rebuilding it. And I have decided to get a good, new carb for the car.
> This carb is going on to my SD1 V8 that was converted back to carb instead of the factory fuel injection. 
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Thanks
> David


I removed the Holley 390 that my SD1 came with and put a Carter/Weber 
1404 on.  I think the Holley may have given the car a bit more oomph, 
but it idled poorly and driveability was an issue. If you bolt the 
Carter on right out of the box, the car will idle smoothly and it is a 
real no-brainer to change the jets and needles to optimize it. Making 
similar mods to the Holley means taking off the float bowls and spilling 
gas all over the place at a minimum. If I wanted to go all out for 
performance, I would select the Holley, but my experience was that you 
don't just install the recommended bits and go. There will be a lot of 
fiddling, and it might not be that pleasant for routine driving.

I'm not a carb guru, but that was my experience.


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