[ROVERNET - UK] 3500S Pulling TC

Anders Hedelund anders at xoz.dk
Thu Apr 10 14:42:05 BST 2008

Well, I trailered a Honda Accord without any problems. The 3500 was 
considered a great car for towing things, the family used it for horses 
as well.

The SD1 was, however, better. I had the allowed towing weight lifted to 
1800 kg (some 3600 lbs), and I DID  try it with a '57-58 Buick Century 
up there. No physical problem whatsoever - But the police patrol that 
stopped us needed some persuasion - or maybe my Buick friend was not 
totally honest as to weight. What he told them was true, but maybe not 
the full truth.


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