[ROVERNET - UK] Speedo Right angle drives.

James Radcliffe j_radcliffe at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 28 12:56:42 BST 2008

> Does anyone have an extra angle gear that attaches to the back of the speedo 
> head? This is for a TC. Is it possible to rebuild one? The plastic gears are 
> worn on the two that I have dismantled. Thanks in advance, Larry 
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It is possible if you can find someone who has the gears. All the gears seem to have been used up. If you do a search you can find them new aftermarket.


Does anyone out the know the Smiths part number for the right angle drive that goes on the 2000 automatic gearbox. I can find ones that fit on Ebay, but they are for other british makes. The Rover parts book does not have the smiths number, just the Rover part number, which makes it hard to get the right one. I need a spare, this one is the least reliable in my experience.

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> Hi Larry
>          I have a couple of NOS angle drives that fit on the back of the 
> speedo head, $15 ea plus postage. Let me know if that any help. I'm located 
> on PEI Canada.
>                             Regards Ben (irishrover)
> PS I guess thats why you told the young lad on the bike your TC could do 
You don't happen to have one of the speedo right angle drives which fits on the gearbox of a 2000 automatic.

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