[ROVERNET - UK] P6 Brakes - even more ??s

Glen Wilson rovercar at comcast.net
Mon Feb 4 06:35:29 GMT 2008

Vern Klukas wrote:
> Well, the short and somewhat rude answer is that some Americans are 
> self-centered pricks.
> But the reality is that there are many hassles with shipping 
> cross-border and horror stories abound, so many just don't want to 
> find out first hand.
> Yours
> Vern


When I have sold on eBay, the shipping charges to Canada always turned 
out to be extremely high and usually pretty complicated to figure out. A 
$20 USD part that I could mail to Hawaii in 2-3 days for $8 sometimes 
ended up costing $32 plus the extra paperwork involved. People north of 
the border thought I was trying to cheat them when I was not. I'd 
suggest that anyone who is interested in this simply go to the USPS or 
UPS or FexEx or DHL sites and check it out by pricing out a make believe 
package and see what numbers you get. I don't know why the postage and 
transportation situation between the USA and Canada is such a mess. 
Might have been caused by those people who used to run the World 
Bank...  ;-)


>> As an aside can any one explain why some E Bay vendors will not ship 
>> outside of the continental USA . Canada is only just the other side 
>> of the " world's longest undefended border " We are supposed to have 
>> free trade agreement , which in theory should work both ways ?

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