[ROVERNET - UK] Trans border shipping was P6 Brakes - even more ??s

Glen Wilson rovercar at comcast.net
Mon Feb 4 16:55:23 GMT 2008

phing wrote:
> If I buy in the USA and ship by the US Postal service  there' s no 
> problem

Even the USPS is not cheap. This is a 4 pound package from Philadelphia 
to British Columbia or to California. Duties are not specified. 
Shipments w/in USA can be much less if you use flat-rate boxes for 2-day 
Priority mail.  Package dimensions were 12"x6"x7"

5 days to Canada $27.00
7 days w/in USA  $9.25

1-3 days to Canada $51.50
2 days w/in USA  $13.25
flat-rate 2-day about $8.25

The other thing is that people seem to be horrible at following 
directions for calculating shipping costs even with the automated 
systems. Specify one flat rate for shipping, and they just pay it. Give 
them a shipping calculator and you end up exchanging six email 
communications. And then there are the people who want you to ship 
things to places even UPS won't go.

   * Postage Rate Calculator title image*
     Domestic Services

Mailing Services     Speed     Price      Express Mail^®    more info 
about Express Mail <http://postcalc.usps.gov/Popups/pop_up21.htm>
    Overnight to most areas 
    $27.60      Priority Mail^®    more info about Priority Mail 
    2 days     13.45      Priority Mail^® Flat Rate Box    more info 
about Priority Mail <http://postcalc.usps.gov/Popups/pop_up19.htm>
    2 days     8.95      Parcel Post^®    more info about Parcel Post 
Additional Postage May Apply 

    7 days     9.25      Media Mail^®    more info about Media Mail 
Restrictions Apply <javascript:PopUpHelp('PopUps/pop_up27.htm')>
    7 days     3.15    

 Postage Rate Calculator title image
International Services

Rate charts and complete information for Canada 
Mailing Services     (Show Dimensions 
    Estimated Delivery Time *     Post Office Price     Online 
Price      Global Express Guaranteed®        See Service Guide Before 
Mailing <https://sss-web.usps.com/gxg/jsps/index.jsp>     1 - 3 Days     
Express Mail® International        5 Days     $28.50     $26.22    
Priority Mail® International        6 - 10 Days     $19.90     $18.91    
Priority Mail® Flat Rate Box        6 - 10 Days     $23.00     $21.85    
First-Class Mail® International        Varies     $15.46          
*Designed to be delivered in the number of business days specified for 
each service depending on origin and destination.     

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