[ROVERNET - UK] P4 overdrive onto P2 cars

Mike Maher michael.maher at virgin.net
Sat Feb 9 12:20:23 GMT 2008

Yes Alan,

It has been done in the UK with a properly engineered conversion involving 
replacement of the Freewheel with a Laycock "J" type overdrive.  This 
conversion provides separate lubrication for the Overdrive.   Earlier Cars 
may differ, but for  later P2's, this requires a machined casting to link 
the gearbox and overdrive and  a mainshaft (plus bearings/ oil seals)  to 
link the overdrive input with the  gearbox output.  To support the new 
transmission you need gearbox support steelwork,  mounting rubbers that 
replace the rubber block between gearbox and chassis.  There is also a 
replacement mounting bracket for the gearchange remote and a shorter 

The recommended overdrive for the conversion is a Laycock J type ( from a 
Volvo or  Triumph etc).

For further information, contact Mike Evans P2roverman at tiscali.co.uk

I believe that there are some examples about with Freeewheel and overdrive. 
I will try and find out some more and post to Rovernet

Hope this helps


Mike Maher
1947 16 Sports Saloon
1946 Kitcher special
2000 Discovery TD5

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> Has anyone tried to graft a P4 overdrive onto a P2 gearbox?  My '35 Rover 
> 10
> has a freewheeling unit, and I am wondering if the early overdrives have
> similar facing plates ... or ones which could easily be modified.
> Is this something any rover pre-warriors have looked at?
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