S Manwell s_manwell at alum.swarthmore.edu
Mon Feb 11 02:17:53 GMT 2008

Hi Dirk,

You have at least one other rare TC, the red very late 1970 car.  It is 
a Series I, but it has many of the features of the Series II Federal 
cars -- sort of a Series 1.5. 

The Series II type features include side marker lights and reflectors, 
turn signal lights below the front bumper, alloy "2000" badges with a 
black background, R-O-V-E-R letters on the lower left of the trunk lid, 
ignition key with steering lock, lighted hazard light switch, all (as 
far as I can tell) of the added Series II emissions components, ambla 
seats with basket weave patterned pleats, and VIN number plate on the 
driver's window sill trim.      My photo of the VIN shows 859004720 -- 
this is very close to the end of the 4987-car production run.  I forget 
what month in 1970 it was built -- April or June I think.  The only 
other very late Series I with these features that I have seen is Andre 
Shay's car in Connecticut.


Dirk Burrowes wrote:
>  I have had a TC 2000 series 11 since 1978 VIN 4350000078A made 12/70 om the
> VIN tag I started a restoration when I was young and dumb got about 1/3 into
> it and then life took over. I have had it sitting inside a old truck trailer
> since 1983. I guess I will have to finish it at some point.
> Dirk
> -

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