[ROVERNET - UK] New West Coast US Rover Spotted

Adrian McDonald adrianmcdon at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 14 05:01:41 GMT 2008

Hello there
I am making contact, as a new West Coast US Rover owner/operator. My garage currently features a 1966 Mustang 289 V8, and as of December 2007, a Rover 2000TC. 
Back in the '90's my garage used to feature a 1974 Rover 2200TC, but that was in Southampton England. I come to the US 4 years ago and recently I began getting a bit bored with my Ford and I thought it would be really nice to have a Rover again. As I read in an old article, a Rover engineer jokingly referred to Detroit cars as "wobbly jellies" (no offence). Not actually thinking it was even a remote possibility, I did some exploratory internet googling which made it clear that some examples were present on the continent. So that was it!  And I found a fantastic example in Vancouver, BC which would be a top example even over in the rusty UK.
After the mandatory starter motor "difficulty" last week, I only have one real issue that I could do with advice on. The car only does about 75% of the specified mph per rpm in each gear. I am assuming it has a non standard final drive. I am looking to swap it out, but am curious if this might have been a wierd option (for hilly terrain perhaps). It is a bit confusing as at 3000rpm I am only doing forty something mph, and not the 58.5mph that is specified. Who would want that?????
Anyone want to purchase a 1966 289 Mustang wobbly jelly in perfect condition. Will trade for V8 Rover - I am thinking of starting a collection......
Adrian McDonald
Redondo Beach, CA
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