[ROVERNET - UK] More P5 Parts

Magnet magnet at roverclub.org
Thu Feb 14 15:06:06 GMT 2008

Just so I know what I'm talking about here, would any of you P5 owners 
out there kindly clarify for me which of the front lamps are the turn 
signals and which the side (or parking) lamps?   On my P4, the round 
lamps on the top corners of the wings are the turn indicators and the 
small round lamps lower down (where the P5 has the oblong lamps) are the 
sidelamps. Is the P5 the same?


 -- Bill


Magnet wrote:
> I was astonished at how quickly the last lot of Rover P5 parts that I 
> posted for sale by the Toronto Area Rover Club's  Heritage Group were 
> snapped up.
> Cleaning up the parts department  (= the back room in my cellar) I 
> found a few more P5 bits that would be better off on someone's car 
> than mouldering away in a box.  Please see the "For Sale" page on the 
> TARC website:
> http://www.roverclub.org
> Many thanks,
> -- Bill Daddis
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