[ROVERNET - UK] P6 Brakes - Failure of invocations to British heros

phing phing at videotron.ca
Sat Feb 16 18:01:55 GMT 2008

 You probably remember my intent to remove the P6B back axle , to get at the rear brakes quoting various Brits - Mallory of Everest 
" because it's there " the doomed captain Oates of Scott's Antarctic expedition as inspiration ? Well like Mallory and Scott my 
adventure ended in abject failure. I couldn't remove 3 of the bolts holding one of the drive shafts to the hub . . Heat [ waving a 
blow torch around the general area of the fuel pump and pipe gave me a taste of the dread hab dabs  !} an electric impact wrench , 
cunningly contrived levers and added violence all failed .So it was on to Plan B , learn Braille and cultivate a serene attitude 
while stripping the brakes in place . The final impediment was the Big Nut on the front of the pivot pin . This was no known size 
[ AF , BSF and Metric wrenches didn't fit ]and was absolutely stuck . It took a weeek of marinading with penetrating oil , random 
violence and a 15/16 A/Fsocket hammered onto the nuts to shift them . The parts are all on their way to Ruth in Vancouer for 
rebuilding and I.m putting back all the bits and pieces I removed to try and drop the axle
 I have to say my  initial approach was conditioned by spending an eternity rebuilding an E Type Jaguar's rear brakes last summer . 
The P6 is not in the same league !It's probably a toss up whether dropping the axle is worth the bother . It certainly would not 
have helped me remove the Big nuts .
Moe to follow

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