[ROVERNET - UK] P6 Brakes - Failure of invocations to British heros

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I think you have been particularly unlucky Patrick. Over the years I must have undone 100+ half shaft bolts and I've NEVER been defeated. I makes me wonder just what did them up? True I've had to get my foot on the spanner once or twice but they've always cracked in the end.

I know it's a bit late but my prefered method would still have been to drop the diff/de-dion assembly (ignore the sound of giggling/sniggering you can hear in cyberspace). Supports under the lower suspension arm beneath the shock absorber would have given access and support to the two de-dion/suspension bolts then with the prop disconnected you could have dropped the diff extension/support bracket as one with the diff and if you left the wheels on rolled the whole lot out from under the car. Assuming brake lines/handbrake were already disconnected and you had ample supports and under car access I reckon an 1-2 hours work on a good day 2-3 hours on a bad day (assuming most of the nuts are not like your half shaft ones!)

I know because I've just done it on my '64 car and it took my 4 daysworth of 1 hr lunchbreaks (my boss kindly gives me free use of a garage so i can do bits during lunch) and two of them were spent trying to disconnect the handbrake linkage at the front of the diff ext (Dunlop brakes) which had rusted onto the clevis pins!

When you take into account how long you have already struggled with the half shaft bolts and then the 'big' caliper nuts it's not so long. Once out you could have had a 2 metre bar on the half shaft nuts I bet they would have moved then.

Good luck with putting it back but working on rear calipers in situ is akin to peeling a banana through a keyhole.........me I open the door!   :)  :)

Alan Francis (partviking)

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You probably remember my intent to remove the P6B back axle , to get at the rear brakes quoting various Brits - Mallory of Everest 
" because it's there " the doomed captain Oates of Scott's Antarctic expedition as inspiration ? Well like Mallory and Scott my 
adventure ended in abject failure. I couldn't remove 3 of the bolts holding one of the drive shafts to the hub . . Heat [ waving a 
blow torch around the general area of the fuel pump and pipe gave me a taste of the dread hab dabs  !} an electric impact wrench , 
cunningly contrived levers and added violence all failed .So it was on to Plan B , learn Braille and cultivate a serene attitude 
while stripping the brakes in place . The final impediment was the Big Nut on the front of the pivot pin . This was no known size 
[ AF , BSF and Metric wrenches didn't fit ]and was absolutely stuck . It took a weeek of marinading with penetrating oil , random 
violence and a 15/16 A/Fsocket hammered onto the nuts to shift them . The parts are all on their way to Ruth in Vancouer for 
rebuilding and I.m putting back all the bits and pieces I removed to try and drop the axle
I have to say my  initial approach was conditioned by spending an eternity rebuilding an E Type Jaguar's rear brakes last summer . 
The P6 is not in the same league !It's probably a toss up whether dropping the axle is worth the bother . It certainly would not 
have helped me remove the Big nuts .
Moe to follow

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