[ROVERNET - UK] Poll: New & "Improved" eBay Motors?

Steven Dibdin sdibdin at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 19 22:25:34 GMT 2008

Hi All,

I have to say I never found Ebay that easy for searching in the first place. Having said that I do feel that its become a little better at finding items than before. In the past I would have to use boelean phrases to get there. These days it seems I can just check certain boxes.

Still not great, but its going to be the case when looking for Rover parts in the US. On that note, if you hear of a road rage incident in Northern NJ it'll be because yet another person has asked if my P6 s a Volvo.....Rant over. 

Ebay: great when you can find the part, frustrating when you're looking for that one part that no one else seems to have.

So still on the fence about ebay. But Remember trying to find classic car parts back before ebay and the internet. It was a lot more expensive, and took at least four times as long to find anything.



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