[ROVERNET - UK] Selling my P6 3500S

Al Al als6point9 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 21 05:10:25 GMT 2008


Sadly I must thin my collection as I am now up to 16 cars and live in
a big city where storage is expensive. As this is the case, six of my
cars have to go so that I can actually get some work done on the

My 1970 Rover P6 3500S drew one of the short straws. As some may know,
t I purchased this car along with two other four cylinder parts cars a
few years ago. Since then, have spent a healthy chunk of money in
restoring this car as it was sitting for some time. I bought rebuilt
kits and had the calipers rebuilt  and installed in the front and the
rear. I've also had floors welded up (needs cleaning up) and the car
painted. I drove this car around the block before I placed it in
storage and while it's hard to start, it does run and drive and the
engine is quite and smooth.

I'm at the point now where I really need the space. This car would
make a great parts car or restoration project for anyone who has a P6
or wants one.

I would love to see it to go a member and I'm willing to let it go for
a fraction of what I paid. If I can't get any bites, then I will have
to pull the engine and scrap the rest.

The car is located in Dallas TX. If anyone is interested, please Email me.

All the best


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