[ROVERNET - UK] Save this Rover P6 3500S (North American

Chris J Wilson chris at chris-wilson.org
Fri Feb 22 19:03:55 GMT 2008

Hi Peter,

It would be a shame to see such a car be scrapped, and rather unbelievable
that it would have just been dumped there several months ago. If it does get
towed, would it be possible to get hold of it before it is scrapped? It
would seem a shame for such a car to go to waste.


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From: Peter Reynolds <preynolds at igc.org>
Subject: [ROVERNET - UK] Save this Rover P6 3500S (North American
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Hello all,
I'm new to this mailing list. My name is Peter, and I live in San  
Francisco, California.
I wonder if there are any Rover fans in the Bay Area who follow these  
posts? If there are, then they might want to try to contact the owner  
of this 3500S:
More here:

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