[ROVERNET - UK] 3500s water pump rebuilds

Kent Kinard kentkinard at verizon.net
Fri Feb 22 19:38:31 GMT 2008

Hi Glen,

They can be made to work, but there is a difference in the pulley and 
fan mount.  You will need to change the fan clutch for a Buick V8/V6 
item with matching fan or get a spacer and flex fan.  The same situation 
applies to SD1 pumps.  You can use the Buick item to replace either of 
the Rover pumps (which differ from each other as well).  Buick pump is 
for '64-'80 small V8 and '64-'87 rear wheel drive V6.  It will take some 
fiddling with pulleys from the appropriate junkyard engine.  There are 
minor variations in these pump bodies which do not affect fitting.  
'61-'63 Buick/Olds pumps are functionally identical but may no longer be 
listed.  There was a heavy duty casting for AC equipped cars but the 
Rover mounting does not subject the nose of the pump to the same loads 
encountered on Buicks which had the AC compressor hung way out in right 

When replacing any water pump consider rerouting the heater pipe that 
runs under the manifold. Replace it with a long hose that runs over the 
rocker cover /intake juncture. (See a Range Rover Classic installation 
for reference).  Install an air bleed cap at the highest point in this 
hose.  When filling the cooling system leave the cap off the bleed to 
flush air and prevent hot spots.  The stand pipe on a Rangie is almost 
to the top of the intake plenum.

Kent K.

Glen Wilson wrote:
> Peter King wrote:
>> Hi all. Can anyone tell me whether rebuilding a 3500s water pump is a 
>> do-it-yourself option, or something that needs to be sent out? Are 
>> rebuild kits available?
> Don't those pumps sell for about $30 at Pep Boys all ready to install? 
> Kent? What's that number?
> Glen
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