[ROVERNET - UK] P6 Rear brakes- a slightly crazy idea.

JULIET KEILER lingfield51 at btinternet.com
Tue Feb 26 10:51:39 GMT 2008

Ahh another 'believer' in dropping the diff.........anymore in cyberspace. :)

Something else overlooked is there is a strong box section beam tucked high up in the arch which takes the weight of the diff carrier and would almost certainly be compromised by any 'access hatch'. I know it's strong it's been supporting the rear of my car for the last 2 months while I overhaul the rear suspension, admittedly on 300mm x 300mm oak blocks but nevertheless........! :)

Alan Francis (partviking)

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I thought about the gas tank being in the way, and you even intially 
answered it yourself. Are you then considering removing the tank for 
brake inspection/service?

Or do you think the P6 was constructed on the grounds of "why make 
something simple when a really complicated solution can  be found" , and 
then stick to that idea for servicing as well.

Seems that lowering the diff. is still the obvious answer :-)


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