[ROVERNET - UK] P6 Rear brakes- a slightly crazy idea.

Anders Hedelund anders at xoz.dk
Tue Feb 26 15:20:11 GMT 2008

'Believer'? Well, if one really cannot lift it enough to stand or sit 
under it, I would opt for dropping the diff. My own solution is to lift 
the car, either at the car club where we have professionel equipment or 
on the device "Stasilift" that I found last year on eBay in Rostock, 
former German Democratic Republic. Cost me what corresponds to some 500 
$ US..

My Lancia lifted at the car club: 
P6 at home on the Stasilift: 
http://xoz.dk/ahl/auto/AfterFredFlintstone/ahl_4286.html (Son helped to 
remove the dinghy last friday, so now I can get it all the way up. 
Restoration is due for August 8th, to act as his wedding chariot)...


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