[ROVERNET - UK] Re: $A7k sought for Cyclops on eBay

Warwick Brooks warwick at regscom.com.au
Wed Feb 27 04:02:40 GMT 2008

I was just postulating.


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>Thanks Peter,
>I was a bit worried there for a minute as I was planning to buy it and drop
>in a big block Chev with blower and Turbohydramatic 400 and top-loader
>shift.  Haven't decided about the wheels yet but fatties on the back and
>motorbike wheels on the front is probably the way to go.

You saw that P4 did you? It was a few years ago now, but it came along
to one of our displays. Pretty sure it had a big Chevvy V8 and auto
transmission shoved into it. IT was a V8 certainly.


Peter H

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