[ROVERNET - UK] Re: rovernet Digest, Vol 66, Issue 31

denlet denlet at wanadoo.fr
Wed Feb 27 09:02:41 GMT 2008

Bonjour de la France,

Please ,have a look on ebay France:www.ebay.fr
They are 2 rover P6:one 3500,one 2200.
On the pics the 3500 is very beautifull ,the history is clear.


BMW= Bayerische Motoren Werke

Why :Baader Meinhof Wagen

REAR BRAKE ROVER P6:it's a mirror of human brain storming but after working
some hours on it it's very simple.In good repair they work well.Take a look
on  pic on yahoo rovernet:I put picture of my rear brake after restoration.
I think that the rules are to drive an old car with all the problems or
Rover P6 with rear brake.
Bugatti is not simple,too.
Citroen Sm for example is a good school project....LOL
I have some papers on "how to put in good repair " rear brake with pictures
but in french....
Do you know that the front brake of P6 are the same on Mercedes 280 SL


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