[ROVERNET - UK] P4s with V8s

Alan Gale agale at iinet.net.au
Thu Feb 28 00:20:42 GMT 2008

There is a member of the Australian P4 Guild who put a rover v8 and manual box into a P4.  also put a jag front end and couple of other mods.
it really flew and looked very good too ... he did a beautiful job on it.
dunno if he still has it, but from memory very little modification was required to make it fit.
however he was very disappointed that my Cyclops kept up with him on rallies.  Not so much because i flogged the Cyclops, but because the gear/diff ratios were pretty much the same ... he got to speed much faster, but of course with speed limits and traffic variations, these things tend to level out.
Perhaps a couple of the melbourne listers can add more.  i am afraid i have forgotten the guy's name... only that he was a lovely chap.

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